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I'm Adi, a Jewish Israeli London based actress, singer, theatre maker and a writer with Polish-Romanian roots.

I love singing tunes from musicals and taking pictures of people and objects in my free time and I am probably the biggest fan of the Israeli peanut snack "Bamba". Here you'll find a bunch of stuff I did over the years, hoping it'll give you a bit of an insight into my interests and my skills.

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My Story

At the weight of less than a 1kg bag of sugar, a crinkled little baby that will later be known as Adi Lahat, was born.

Thankfully, I've left the crinkled days behind me, growing to the mighty height of 4"9 (146 cm) in Israel to a Jewish Israeli family, with Polish-Romanian roots as the younger twin, only by 60 seconds... but still younger as my sister likes to remind me.

As an outgoing child I have always liked to perform in family gatherings and my parents, looking to relieve themselves from the burden of a very loud child, signed me up to acting, singing and dancing lessons.

I immediately felt at home.

After a visit to London at the age of 14, I set my eyes on moving to the UK to pursue an acting career in English as well as Hebrew.

After serving the IDF as a comedic actress in the entertainment troupe, I moved to London in 2016.

In 2021, at the peak of COVID, I graduated from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London with a first class honours BA degree in Acting (Collaborative devised theatre). 

I believe humor can light the darkest times and I am interested in exploring new and interesting stories, whether they're dramatic or humorous.

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